Combined LARS

The combined piston corer LARS is a modular piece of equipment that allows for the deployment and recovery of the FT520 piston corer. This piston corer system is available with an automatic trigger and our
hydrostatic safety release systems.

The whole system is pre-built and is an ‘out of the box solution’ with a tracked LARS, hydraulic power unit, A-frame and piston corer, all integrated into one unit.

The primary advantage of this integrated system is that it can be mobilised rapidly, eliminates the requirement for an A-frame on the vessel, and allows for a more efficient deployment and recovery process.

Product highlights

- Rapid Mobilisation
– Sample recovery up to 8m
– 5 tonne SWL A-frame
– Built on standard 20 foot ISO container footprint
– Runs from single 3 phase supply
– Pre-built system
– Increased safety for engineers
– Reduced launch and recovery times
– Compatible with Feritech piston corer system
– Reduced man power required for operation
– Removes the requirement for A-frame on the vessel
– Integrated hydrostatic release system

517-01 - vector
Piston corer profile

FT520 Piston corer

The combined LARS is designed to work seamlessly with our piston corer, which combines operational safety with survey efficiency and reliability. The improved recovery and less disturbed sample yields a higher quality result compared to that of a standard gravity corer. The piston reduces internal friction between the sediment and the liner, this helps to prevent samples plugging the liner and reducing the sample return.

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