Downhole & high temperature


Feritech is an innovative solution provider for bespoke specialist harsh environment equipment including real time data applications and we are specialists in high temperature electronics. We have experienced some of the most extreme marine settings in the world, so we know that you need your products and systems to be as robust as the environment they work in.

We have extensive knowledge of high temperature downhole system design and manufacture, providing high-reliability embedded systems. We have designs that allow reliable operation at temperatures in excess of 410°F (210°C) and lower than -4°F (-20°C). We can transmit data over distances of 20,000 feet (6km) using various technologies including dedicated copper, fibre or power line telemetry. In these harshest of conditions, our equipment will not fail you.

See High Temperature Downhole to find out more about our products. Or simply contact us to discuss your project – we’re always willing to talk through some potential ideas with you.