Box corer

The FT540 Box corer is a reliable and effective core sampler available in multiple sizes, with minimal sample contamination and disturbance, obtaining high quality samples

Available in sizes 0.5m², 0.25m² and 0.1m²

The FT540 Box Corer is a reliable and effective core sampler available in multiple sizes. Box corers are broadly used for biological, chemical, and geochemical investigation. The near undisturbed sample gives the best physical core of the sea bed for analysis.

Feritech’s designers have much improved on the traditional design of this class of samplers. They have minimised the “bow wave” effect associated with lowering the corer to the seabed, allowing the FT540 to deliver the least disturbed sample of instruments in this class, even in extremely fine sediments

The box corer is easily deployed from the supplied deck stand and the mechanical deployment system automatically triggers when the instrument touches down on the seabed. The integral non-return valve style system in the top of the sample bucket maintains the undisturbed nature of the sample on recovery through the water column.



Product Highlights

– Our 0.5m² model is the largest box corer on the market

– Unique pulley system dramatically reduces height required on the lifting apparatus – allowing our 0.5m² system to deploy in the space of a 0.25m²

– Product is pallet-able, and fits into a standard ISO 20-foot container

– 85 tonne/m² downward force unladen

– Variable and adjustable penetration

– Adjustable ballast for different sediment requirements

– Available in 0.1m², 0.25m², and 0.5m² configurations

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Tripping mechanism

Our tripping mechanism is a guaranteed to be a simple, yet effective way of releasing the main lifting wire. When the box corer touches down on the sea bed, and the cable goes slack, a counterweight latch falls open releasing the lifting wire.


By using a lifting spreader beam and a series of pulleys, we are able to dramatically reduce the height required on the lifting apparatus, and are therefore able to deploy our 0.5m² system in the same space as a traditional 0.25m².


The frame is constructed from galvanised steel to reduce cost. The gimble-like design allows the box corer to level itself out on the seabed, allowing for better balance when retrieving a sample. This design also allows the frame to be put into a transport position, for easy transportation.


Safety mechanism

Our box corer uses a hydrostatic safety release, which is designed to only engage when the box corer is safely underwater. By using pressure differentials, we can set the mechanism to trigger at any required depth deemed appropriate. There is also a secondary manual safety pin for an extra precaution.


Deck stand

The deck stand allows for easy securing of the box corer for safe transport and sea fastening with ISO-locking points. The front cut-out allows for the bucket trolley to be placed directly under the grab for loading and unloading the corer bucket and spade.

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Sale or rental units available

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