Gravity corer

Gravity corer (2m - 6m)

Feritech gravity corer is a simple, reliable and exceptionally robust instrument for collecting sediment cores from coastal environments and similarly deep water locations as well. The corer incorporates useful features such as USBL attachment points, modular lead weights, a piston core upgrade pack and quick release barrels.

The gravity corer is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009  with pure lead weights which ensure a long and trouble free ownership.

The Feritech gravity corer offers an easy to use and extremely cost effective alternative to other coring techniques.

The strong stabilising head with integral fins ensures that the corer penetrates the seabed as close to vertical as possible.

12  modular lead weights come with the gravity corer as standard, each weighing 75kg so you can configure up to 900kg of additional weight.

The system uses our standard range of quick release barrels with PVC liners inside. A core catcher is fitted into the end of the liner to maximise sediment retention and a hardened high tensile steel cutting shoe is installed on the end to maximise penetration into the sea bed.

This equipment is available to buy and to rent