Jumbo piston corer

Combining operational safety with survey efficiency, the Feritech Global jumbo piston corer can be configured for any ground type and survey needs.


The FT512 jumbo piston corer combines operational safety with survey efficiency. Using proven designs and trusted technologies, the Feritech jumbo piston corer has the advantage of using both manual and hydrostatic safety release systems.

This system delivers a longer, and less-disturbed sample than a typical gravity corer, thanks to the piston creating a vacuum, preventing blockages in the sample route.

The jumbo piston corer is an extremely flexible piece of kit; fitted with removable weights which can be configured from 2 to 10 tons. This means that optimal penetration can always be realised, and arranged to to match any ground type and your specific survey needs.


Product Highlights

– Full ocean depth rating
– Up to 30m core sample (modular 6m sections)
– Lead weighted configurable mass of 2-10 tonnes (in 2 tonne increments)
– Stainless steel or galvanised steel construction
– Available with Kullenberg trigger or acoustic release
– Equipped with hydrostatic safety release
– Supporting LARS systems available

JPC profile 2
HSSR real life crop


Hydrostatic safety release

The Feritech jumbo piston corer is fitted with our hydrostatic safety release system, which is designed to prevent false triggering, which dramatically improves operational safety. This means that the corer only triggers when it reaches a predetermined water depth.

With  this system, engineers can improve operational safety and thereby saving time, preventing unnecessary redeployment, and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

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Sale or rental units available

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