• Variable frequency of 5 – 50Hz
  • High power with up to 75kN thrust
  • 1 – 12m modular construction (in 1m increments)
  • Rapid mobilisation with plug and play setup
  • Change barrels with the frame laid horizontally or vertically
  • 2:1 mechanical advantage on lifting wire aiding barrel extraction
  • Quick barrel release system
  • 300m – 7,000m depth rating available
  • Stable operation in up to 10 knot tides
  • Consumables compatible with Feritech Global gravity and piston corers
  • Frame hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009





FT550 rev 17 03 - resized 3

General specification

 Configuration 2m 3m 6m 9m 12m
Weight in water 1,142kg 1,437kg 1,697kg 1,968kg 2,395kg
Weight in air 1,470kg 1,845kg 2,145kg 2,476kg 3,017kg
Base frame diameter 1.8m 1.8m/3.5m 3.5m 3.5m/7.2m 7.2m
Overall height 3.2m 4.3m 7.2m 10.2m 13.2m
Surface finish Hot dip galvanise to BS EN ISO 1461:2009International®  epoxy marine coating
Power requirement 7.5kVA
Voltage Options for all power supply voltages (110v 220v 415v single or three phase)

The table above shows a selection of the available frame configurations accommodating barrel lengths between 1m to 12m in 1m increments

3m Iso

High power, variable frequency

Feritech’s marine vibrocorer features the most advanced technology available. Designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment, it combines exceptionally robust build quality with state-of-the-art real time data sensors. The system is modular and can collect up to 12m long cores, offering class leading performance with ultimate system dependability. Our vibrocorer systems are available for purchase or to rent.

“built with reliability to the core”

Modular and very quick to mobilise

The system is modular and very easy to use. It can be configured to collect cores from 1m to 12m long in 1m increments and is very quick to mobilise either onboard or on the quayside.

The frame is made from common modules that can be quickly configured to collect the required core length.

0550-0000-17 comparison 2

Vibrocorer barrel change

Barrel swap with frame laid horizontally or standing vertically

Unlike any other vibrocorer system, our vibrocorer can be deployed and recovered to deck in the horizontal or vertical axis. There is usually no need for a LARS either. Barrels can be swapped in either position meaning that the user can choose the best deployment and recovery method for the vessel they are operating from.

Real time sensor data display and logging

Our cutting edge sensor suite gives you operational data in real time and is also logged if you want to analyse it later.

Penetration distance and rate

Real time monitoring of barrel penetration allows the operator to maximise their operational efficiency by knowing exactly when the required depth has been reached. The monitoring of penetration guards against equipment damage. The system can also automatically stop when the required depth has been reached.

Resolution 0.01m (1cm)
Accuracy 0.01m (1cm)
Sensor range Configured to same length as barrel (1m sections)
Depth sensor

The vibrocorer has an integrated depth sensor that accurately records and displays the distance it is from the sea surface. These are plug and play units and are user changeable for different water depths as required.

Resolution 0.1m
Accuracy 1% of range
Sensor ranges available 0-200/0-1000/0-3000/0-5000/0-7000 metres

The inclinometer inside the subsea electronics housing monitors the vibrocorer frame inclination. This is used to ensure that the frame has not fallen over. It also allows the user to ensure that the frame is sitting level and is not suspended on any obstruction such as a boulder or sand wave.

Sensor range ±90°
Frequency and power of vibro head

The software monitors the power output and frequency of the vibrocorer head and reports in real time, the effective thrust and frequency the system is outputting.

Settlement into seabed

The vibrocorer constantly monitors frame settlement into the seabed and reports this to the user. This data ensures that the core can be recorded at the correct datum.

Resolution 0.001m (1mm)
Accuracy 0.01m (1cm)
Sensor range 1m
Altitude from seabed during deployment and recovery

The integrated altimeter reports the altitude of the frame from the seabed as it is deployed and recovered.

Resolution 0.001m (1mm)
Accuracy 0.01m (1cm)
Sensor range 9m as standard or 49m available on request
System health monitor

The system monitors voltages, temperatures, humidity inside the electronics housing and even the quality of the umbilical communication. All this data is reported back to the diagnostics screen with the Feritech HUB control software.

HUB screen shot

Vibrocorer quick release

Quick release barrel system

Our quick release barrel system ensures a fast barrel change optimising equipment up time. Typically a barrel can be changed in less than 1 minute whether the system is being deployed in horizontal or vertical mode.

Non-return valve

Our advanced non-return valve is integrated inside the pivoting quick release head ensuring that maximum sample retention is achieved for every core taken. Tests performed have proven that our non-return valve performs as well as a piston in retaining the sample and is virtually setup and maintenance free.

High performance vibrocorer head

We have designed our latest generation of variable frequency vibrocorer heads specifically for our systems. The composite construction of the dual concentric weights has increased the performance to create an impressive thrust of up to 75kN while reducing the overall system weight by nearly 50%. This performance improvement means that one system delivers high power but is still lightweight and very strong.

The variable frequency control allows frequencies from 5Hz to 60Hz and has been used time and time again to acquire high quality core samples from silts, sands and gravels to chalk and even stiff clays.



Deep water ready

The system can be used in water depths of up to 600m as standard. There is no problem going deeper as the system has integrated compensation ports. With the addition of our compensator, full ocean depths in excess of 7000m can be achieved.

Heat flow probe

The digital heat flow probe measures temperatures and thermal conductivity. Offering class leading real-time digital thermal analysis. The probe can be integrated into the vibrocorer or used independently.


All our consumables are available from stock for global delivery and fit all our corers (piston, drop, gravity and vibrocorer) ensuring you always have spares but at the same time minimising the amount of consumable stock required onboard to successfully complete your survey.

Type A

Quick release plug in

Type B

Quick release threaded

Barrel Inner diameter (mm) 93.6mm 117mm
Outer diameter (mm) 101.6mm 127mm
Material Steel or stainless steel
Available lengths 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m 3m, 6m
Can the barrels be joined together? No Yes
Maximum barrel length 6m 12m
Liner Inner diameter (mm) 84mm 106mm
Outer diameter (mm) 89mm 112mm
Black or transparent PVC
Catcher Material
Stainless steel
Basket finger thickness
0.1 – 1.7mm (0.25mm standard)
Shoe Material Heat treated hardened steel
Modular construction of the vibrocorer

Available to buy and to rent