Heat Flow – Thermal Conductivity

The FT580 heat flow probe produces real-time thermal conductivity, spot temperature and thermal gradient measurements within the seabed

The system has been designed to work as a standalone system, or as an add on sensor to Feritech’s range of piston, gravity, and vibrocorers.

Data can either be collected in real time using an umbilical or collected automatically and stored internally for retrieval when the instrument is recovered to deck.

Using ground-breaking electronics, Feritech have developed the system to include a uniform heat source along the length of the probe as well as a high-density array of super
accurate thermal sensors, to deliver class leading data.

All features are controlled seamlessly using Feritech’s intuitive, easy-to-learn HUB software which requires minimal training.


Product highlights

– High resolution sensor array 1m-6m in length (in 1m increments) with 0.1m resolution
– Temperature sensor data resolution of <0.001⁰C in the range -2⁰C to 30⁰C with an accuracy ±0.002⁰C
– Water temperature -10⁰C to 30⁰C accurate to 0.1% to full scale
– Water depth 0-4000m with a 1m resolution accurate to 0.1% full scale
– Inclination sensor 0⁰-359° in all axis accurate to 1°
– System health including voltages, pod temperature and humidity
– Full integration with our other geotechnical systems using HUB software

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FT580GC 2

Deployment Methods

Autonomous deployment

When operated autonomously, the FT580 is deployed attached to the barrel of a gravity corer, piston corer, or a solid bar penetrator “dart”. The measurement and heating elements are controlled by the onboard module and powered by an integral battery pack.

When the probe has penetrated the seabed (as indicated by slack lifting rope, and/or by USBL beacon position) the instrument is then left in situ, for 15 minutes, to allow the system to automatically complete the test.

Data is downloaded from the control module once the instrument is recovered back to deck

FT550 Vibrocorer deployment

The FT580 heat-flow probe can be integrated into our vibrocorer system. The sensor array is configured to be the same length as that the modular vibrocorer This allows the operator to use the heat flow equipment in much tougher ground conditions.

Test data is shown in real time at the surface using Feritech’s HUB software. This includes penetration depth, instrument altitude (3-axis) and thermal data.

FT580GC 3

FT520 Corer deployment

The FT580 can be deployed using our FT520 corer either in autonomous mode, when deployed by rope; or in “Real- Time” mode when the corer is deployed by armoured,lifting umbilical.

Depending on the deployment mode, data can be either be stored within the unit for retrieval later, or when using an umbilical, can be seen in real time at the surface.

Sensor inputs

The FT580 eat flow probe has the following sensors. When used with the vibrocorer, these are in addition to any sensors that are fitted on the vibrocorer.

- Water temperature -10⁰C to 30⁰C accurate to 0.1% of full scale.
– Thermal array sensors, resolution of <0.001⁰C in range -2⁰C to 30⁰C with accuracy ±0.002⁰C
– Power delivery monitoring of the heating element
– Seabed penetration angle 0⁰-359⁰ in all axis accurate to 1⁰

HUB Software

The control and analysis software is fully integrated into the Feritech HUB, This means that our heat flow, corers, and winch products are all controlled from the same intuitive interface.

You can find more information about our Feritech HUB here.

Heatflow screenshot
hub system related image

Topside Controller

The topside controller shows the engineer the information they need from the heat probe to ensure an efficient, successful and safe deployment and operation.
Integrated with our vibrocorer and other corer systems, the rugged topscreen unit can display and log data in real time, allowing for easy and efficient deployment anywhere offshore.
The topside controller can also display:

• Penetration distance and rate
• Depth sensor
• Inclination
• Settlement into seabed
• Altitude from seabed
• Frequency and power

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