Heat Flow – Thermal Conductivity

The in-situ digital thermal productivity system offers class leading real-time digital thermal analysis. The probe can be used independently, or as an integrated solution with our vibrocorer, gravity and piston corers and our CPT system.

The data to be collected in real-time using an umbilical, or stored on internal memory for retrieval later by cable or Bluetooth. The system can also measure temperature profiles or spot temperatures within the profile.

The battery operated system is capable of 20 tests per battery, with an easy swap-out function for redeployment.

All the features are controlled using intuitive software that increases efficiency, and requires minimal training to operate.

heat flow vector

Product Highlights

  •  – Sensor resolution of 1 mK
  •  – Uniform linear heat element for elimination of hot spots
  •  – Temperature digitised at source to avoid loss of accuracy
  •  – Varying length up to 6m system
  •  – Can be integrated with with our Vibrocorer, CPT or stand alone
  •  – Compatible with our piston and gravity corers
  •  – Real time data feedback from array
  •  – Working ambient temperature range -10⁰C to 40⁰C, accurate to 0.1% of full scale
  •  – Water depth 0-4000m with a 1m resolution accurate to 0.1% of full scale
  •  – Inclination sensor 0-359° in all axis accurate to 1°


Heatflow screenshot

FT580 – Heat Flow Probe

The Feritech heat probe enables the user to condust practical and speedy measurement of thermal conductivity. The probe is designed to deliver accurate results and cover a wide range of harsh environmental applications. This includes water depth up to 4,000m and wide ranging ambient water temperature of -10⁰C to 40⁰C.

The heat flow probe can add heat flow capabilities to a wide range of Feritech geotechnical products, this includes our vibrocorer, gravity and piston corers, as well as our CPT system.

This means that this system can be used independently or alternatively can be used as part of an integrated combination.

The control and analysis software is fully integrated into the Feritech Global HUB software, this means that our heat flow, corers and winch products are all controlled from the same intuitive interface. Once attached the software configures itself and with a single button press the test commences.

Topside Controller

The topside controller shows the engineer the information they need from the heat probe to ensure an efficient, successful and safe deployment and operation.
Integrated with our vibrocorer and other corer systems, the rugged topscreen unit can display and log data in real time, allowing for easy and efficient deployment anywhere offshore.
The topside controller can also display:

• Penetration distance and rate
• Depth sensor
• Inclination
• Settlement into seabed
• Altitude from seabed
• Frequency and power

hub system