Hamon grab

Feritech Hamon sediment sampling grab

The Feritech Hamon grab is the recommended sampler for collecting bulk samples of coarse seabed sediment substrates such as sand and gravel, as well as benthic macrofauna.

With interchangeable sampling buckets available in two sizes (0.1m² or 0.2m² ) and modular lead ballast weights, the user can configure the system as required.


Sampling bucket inspection windows and deck stand aid sediment recovery and analysis.

Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, its robust build and high quality parts are everything that you would expect from a Feritech product.

Additional stabilising lead ballast weight sets of 100kg (4 at 25kg each) can be configured  by the user as required during operations.

During deployment the seabed sediment sample is pushed into the sampling bucket as it rotates through 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical. Sediment is sealed by a rubber sealed plate for safe return during recovery to the surface. macrofauna.

Including an arming pin and lever arm guard provides safety to users during operation and protection in transit.

Independent liftings points on top of the Hamon grab, low friction pulleys and handles on each side ease handling.

Interchangeable buckets (available in two sizes) allow sampling operations to continue while analysis is underway.

Designed to be shipped on a pallet the Hamon grab can also be supplied in a specially designed ISPM 15 certified wooden shipping crate for transportation globally.

Sale or rental units available