Offshore soils laboratory

Feritech Global Limited offers offshore geotechnical survey services alongside in-situ testing, with our custom-built geotechnical laboratory. Providing real time results across the globe with our team of experts and state of the art equipment.Designed within a standard 20 foot ISO container, our laboratory can be easily mobilised on any vessel and transported to any offshore or onshore project in the world.

This laboratory ensures that our customers obtain accurate and relevant sample results onsite, allowing key decisions to be made in near real time, saving costs and delivering critical results quickly.

With our mobile laboratory, which has technicians available,  you can expect a professional range of services to meet your requirements.

Laboratory test equipment includes:

– Fridge – Fridgemaster MTL55249 Larder Fridge White 240L

– Freezer – Fridgemaster MTZ55160 Upright Freezer White 160L

– Memmert Temperature Controlled Fan Cooled Oven UF55 (Quantity 2)

– FIRABOL Temperature Controlled Fan Cooled Oven

– Shearvane VJT5300

– Cone penetrometer VJT0808

– Torvane H4212MH

– Pocket Penetrometer model number

– GDS Triactual 50K load frame - See right

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Offshore testing

Moisture content 
The objective of this test is to determine the natural moisture content of the sample. The knowledge of moisture is essential for determining bearing capacity and settlement, plus, the overall state of the soil in the field.

Unit weight
The unit weight of a soil mass is the ratio of the total weight of soil to the total volume of soil. This test is performed to determine the in-place density of undisturbed soil, presented as both linear and cylindrical results.

Penetrometer testing
Penetration testing is a common in-situ testing method to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and assessing subsurface stratigraphy.

Torvane test
The torvane is a hand-held vane sheer device for rapid determination of shear strength in cohesive soils in the field. The torvane permits quick determination of a large number of strength values with relatively simple use.

Miniature shear vane
The shear vane test is an in-situ geotechnical testing method used to estimate the undrained shear strength of fully saturated clays without disturbance. The test is relatively simple, quick and provides a cost effective way of estimating the soil shear strength.

Carbonate content
This test method is used to determine the presence and quantity of calcium carbonate in a soil specimen, all performed onsite within our geotechnical laboratory.

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soil samples

Plasticity limit
This method covers the determination of the plastic limit of a soil sample, which is the lowest moisture content at which the soil is plastic.

Triaxial testing
Triaxial test is a testing method that can be done in-situ, and can determine the cyclic strength of saturated soils. The results can be used to evaluate the ability of a soil to resist the shear stresses that can be induced by cyclic loading, or other phenomenon, such as earthquakes.

Our laboratory is available with experienced technicians, and can be adapted for a wide range of requirements, please contact us if you have any specific needs.

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