Feritech HUB

The Feritech HUB software offers an integrated ground-breaking approach to control our winches, LARS and geotechnical equipment.

From this single piece of software one person can control and monitor your entire suite of Feritech equipment all at once. With the equipment able to communicate with each other through the HUB, survey efficiency and safety is improved.

Our whole range of corers, winches, LARS, CPT and heat flow probe all work seamlessly together when operated with the Feritech HUB.

Product highlights

– Single piece of software controlling entire Feritech equipment suite
– ‘Plug in and play’ system
– Minimal set-up time
– Improved survey efficiency and safety
– Compatible with all Feritech LARS, winches and geotechnical equipment
– Data acquisition, logging and processing suite included

hub system related image
Top level hub software Graphic

An almost infinite range of modules

The system has self-configuring modules, which identifies which piece of equipment has been plugged in. This means that deployment can take place with minimal set up, increasing survey efficiency and saving time.

The Feritech Hub is incredibly versatile, we can tailor and design any additional sensors you may need for specific requirements. Modules work from a common connection, providing a quick, reliable and safe set up.

Sensors Actuators Stand along modules
Acceleration Precision electric linear actuators Dimmable LED subsea lights
Compass heading HD IP video
Current (electrical) Electric motors (single and 3 phase) Lasers
Depth RS232 feed through port
GPS Hydraulic valves including pressure relief, counter balance and pressure reducing types RS485 feed through port
Hydraulic pressure Still cameras
Linear position
Magnetometer All actuators are available with status and position feedback.
Proximity switch
Rotary position
Rational speed
Sea floor altitude
Shaft RPM

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