Multimode Marine Winches

The Feritech multimode winch is electrically powered and driven. The winch can either be used in lift mode or constant tension mode.

When in constant tension mode, the cable tension and recoil speed can be controlled locally on the winch, or controlled remotely with the addition of the Feritech HUB.

The multimode winch has been designed with safety and ease of operation in mind. The ISO locking points enable rapid mobilisation, and the safety crash frame offers superb protection for both the operators and the equipment.


Product highlights

– Constant tension mode or lift mode
– Automatic cable level wind spooler
– Spooler out put angle can be set anywhere from horizontal to vertical
– 3 phase 380-480VAC, 8k supply
– 47-63Hz supply frequency
– ISO locking points
– Integrated automatic disc brake
– Local or remote control

DSC_0244 with hub logo
hub system - edit

State of the art software

In CT mode, the user can control both the tension and speed of drum movement, ensuring total control. This anti-heave system prevents cable tangling, therefore allowing for more efficient and smooth project operations.

With unique features including, spooler output angle adjustment from 0-90 degrees (see right), the winch can be configured for almost any application.

The real time integrated software displays important data such as line pull in kgs, line speed in m/s, and line out in number of metres.

This software can synchronise the spooler to the cable and monitors spooler jogging to an accuracy of just 1mm, improving operational accuracy, as well as helping to improve project efficiency.

Sale or rental units available

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