FT550 Vibrocorer

With its modular construction, high power variable frequency, sensor capabilities, and software control, Feritech’s vibrocorer is one of the most versatile on the market.

The 3rd generation FT550 variable frequency, high power Vibrocorer is lightweight and leads the market in its technical innovation and performance. The subsea equipment is built to withstand the harsh offshore environment and unforgiving handling. Due to its simple-to-assemble modular construction, the system can be mobilised very quickly for cores of 1-12m.

Our advanced integrated software informs the engineer of the information he needs to ensure efficient, successful and safe deployment and operation.

0550 0000 16 3m Datasheet
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Product Highlights

  • Variable frequency of 0 – 50Hz
  • High power with up to 75kN thrust
  • 1 – 9m modular construction (in 1m increments)
  • Rapid mobilisation with plug and play setup
  • Change barrels with the frame laid horizontally or vertically
  • Quick barrel release system
  • 600m – 7,000m depth rating available
  • Stable operation in up to 10 knot tides
  • Consumables compatible with our gravity and piston corers
  • Frame hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
Integrated Compensator

High Power, Variable Frequency

Feritech Global’s Vibrocorer is the only system on the market with an integrated high power variable frequency system. By using this unique variable frequency system, sample disturbance is minimised, ensuring a high quality sample regardless of high power settings.

Heat Flow Probe

Modular and quick to mobilise

The system is modular and very easy to use. It can be configured to collect cores from 1m to 12m long in 1m increments and is very quick to mobilise either onboard or on the quayside.
The frame is made from common modules that can be quickly configured to collect the required core length.

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Barrel swap in any position

Unlike any other Vibrocorer system, our Vibrocorer can be deployed and recovered to deck in the horizontal or vertical axis without requiring a LARS. Barrels can be swapped in either position meaning that the user can choose the best deployment and recovery method for the vessel they are operating from.