Feritech push forward on heat flow capabilities for better integration

We have developed an innovative heat flow probe that is designed to work both seamlessly with our sediment corers, or simply as a standalone system.

Our FT580 heat flow probe produces real-time thermal conductivity, spot temperature and heat flow thermal gradient measurements within the seabed, making it an all-encompassing system for offshore surveys.

Using ground-breaking electronics, we have developed the system to include a uniform heat source along the length of the probe as well as a high-density array of super accurate digital thermal sensors, to deliver class leading data.

FT580GC 05 Related

On top of this, the probe works effortlessly with our range of sediment corers, including our piston corer and vibrocorer. They integrate so well together thanks to our trailblazing Feritech HUB software, which allows you to control both the heat flow and the corer from one intuitive platform, as well as the LARS and/or winch system also being operated.

If you would like to find out more about our heat flow products, get in contact, or download the datasheet using the form below.