Feritech set to further expand its equipment rental services

The opening of Feritech’s new advanced manufacturing centre will present an opportunity for the company to further expand its successful equipment rental services. Feritech Managing Director, Rob Ferris, says:

“When you rent equipment from us, you benefit from the experience we have gained from working on challenging marine engineering projects in 40 different countries around the globe. Our team can show you how to get the very best performance out of your rental equipment, which can be shipped anywhere in the world, by land, sea or air.”

The equipment rental service that Feritech offers includes all of the geotechnical equipment that the company manufactures, such as:

  • CPT
  • Vibrocorer
  • Piston Corer and LARS
  • Gravity Corer
  • Van Veen Grab
  • Double Van Veen Grab
  • Shipek Grab
  • Box Corers

There is also a large selection of winches and launch and recovery systems available for hire and we will be adding geophysical tools soon.

Rob Ferris says:

“When you use Feritech for offshore equipment rental, you are guaranteed equipment that performs to the very highest standards. All our products are designed to be effective, efficient and safe to operate. We are used to responding to very challenging briefs and tight deadlines.

“Our new £3 million advanced manufacturing centre will enable us to expand our product range still further through continuing to design and engineer a stream of innovative products. We have some extremely exciting new products in the pipeline for launch over the months and years ahead. These new Feritech products will be available for rental or sale and will ensure we maintain our position as market leaders in our sector.

“We know that the requirements and demands of every geotechnical, offshore and subsea project vary widely. That’s why our expert team will devise an equipment rental solution that is designed around customers’ specific needs, and delivered for a competitive price.

“We will ensure that your teams get a thorough briefing on the correct operation of the rental equipment. If required, we can provide a team of engineers to assist with the mobilisation of the equipment.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the most responsive engineering companies in the business – and that’s why leading companies keep coming back to us for offshore equipment rental solutions.”



For inquiries about equipment rental availability and costs, contact the Feritech team on +44 1326 369 444 or email info@feritech.com