Marine development fund helps Feritech to expand R&D capabilities

The marine sector has been identified as an area of high growth for the south west, with its engineering and manufacturing heritage and coastal landscape, it is no doubt that Cornwall leads the way.

Marine-i is an ambitious programme, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, designed to enable innovation and growth in the marine sector, and its emerging opportunities to 2030 and beyond.

A large interest for the programme is to help bring new technologies to the market that have global significance for the sector.

Since we were established in 2012, Feritech has been at the forefront of marine innovation. We are not comfortable resting on the technology of the past, but we are always looking at ways in which we can improve offshore survey efficiency and safety.

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Working with the Marine-i fund, we have been able to expand our R&D capabilities and bring some of our innovative ideas to market, including software tools and electronics design, which has allowed us to improve the efficiency and create more sophisticated solutions for our equipment.

We have realised this vision by introducing the Feritech HUB, which allows the user to seamlessly operate and control the entire range of Feritech equipment from a single device, with the equipment able to communicate with each other through the HUB, survey efficiency and safety is vastly improved.

Our whole range of corers, winches, LARS, CPT and heat flow probe all work seamlessly together when operated with the Feritech HUB.

Thanks to the programme we have improved our product portfolio and have the infrastructure in place to introduce more innovative and ground-breaking products to the marine market in the future.