FT540 Box Corer

Box corer are the go to tool for effective sampling in deep and soft sediments. Box Corers are broadly used for biological, chemical, and geochemical investigation offering a near undisturbed sample.

Feritech holds a large stock in USNEL and GoMex (modified GreyO’Hara) types in 0.1m2 , 0.25m2 and 0.50m variants for sale and also rental with the option of an operator. We can also build other sizes to order.

The stainless steel box has variable ballast and penetration limits to ensure no over penetration

We also offer a deck based T bar testing system for use with the GoMex (modified GreyO’Hara) units.

Our mechanism and stainless steel doors are open during deployment therefore minimising the bow wave effect and yield the least disturbed sample of instruments in this class, even in extremely fine sediments.

The Box Corer is easily deployed from the supplied deck stand and the mechanical deployment system automatically triggers when the instrument touches down on the seabed.

These systems can be deployed using an A frame or when this is not available Feritech offer a LARS system. we also have an array of high speed deep water winches available.

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Product Highlights

  • Available to purchase or rent (operator also available)
  • Large stock of 0.1m² and 0.25m² and 0.50m²units available immediately
  • Various types available including modified GreyO’Hara (GOMEX) and USNEL
  • Penetration control to stop over penetration
  • Adjustable ballast for different sediment requirements
  • Stainless steel construction