FT510 Gravity Corer

The FT510 Feritech Gravity Corer offers an easy to use and extremely cost effective alternative to other coring techniques.

Our latest Gravity Corer is robust and simple to operate in almost any water depth. The design is based on proven concepts but with innovative improvements in offering increased survey productivity. Examples of which include the quick swap barrel release and adjustable weights to control penetration.

The strong stabilising head with integral fins ensures that the corer penetrates the seabed as close to vertical as possible. The system is supplied with configurable weights allowing for 49-816kg of additional weight (available in steel and lead), controlling penetration for a range of projects – coastal environments to deep water locations, and everything in between.

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Product Highlights

  • Full ocean depth rating
  • 1-12m barrels in 1m increments
  • Configurable weights from 49-816kg available in steel or lead
  • Type A barrel – OD 101.6mm, sample – 84mm
  • Type B barrel – OD 127mm, sample – 106mm
  • Upgraded piston corer package available
  • Consumables in stock
  • Various LARS options available
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non-return valve

The non-return valve retains both the barrel and the sample obtained, making operation much simpler and safer, with excellent recovery.

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quick release system

Our quick release system means that barrel can be removed in a matter of minutes, thanks to the horseshoe design used on all our systems.

Piston Corer, LARS And A Frame

launch and recovery

The LARS system greatly improves deployment and recovery efficiency and the changing of barrels much simpler and safer.