Return custom from Horizon Geosciences for summer 2016

In the autumn of 2015 Feritech rented an FT550 high power variable frequency vibrocorer to Horizon Geosciences Limited for several months. Following on from their successful geotechnical campaign, we were delighted when they approached us earlier this year to confirm they would like to utilise the vibrocorer again for a forthcoming project later this summer. John Cudden a Senior Project Manager at Horizon Geosciences Limited, UK comments on the advantages and benefits that they found from using the system.

‘In 2015 Horizon deployed the FT550 Feritech Vibrocorer for an extensive site investigation project for a North Sea Wind Farm. Both Horizon and our client are keen to maximise penetration in difficult ground conditions, minimise sample disturbance, and conduct repeatable testing at multiple locations to advance the scope of work. The fully instrumented FT550 allows for the confirmation of water depth and seabed inclination, together with a variable and controllable vibration frequency. When used in conjunction with the penetration sensor, vibration can be increased to gain additional penetration in dense material, or tests halted when penetration stops, to ensure samples recovered are truly representative. Real-time feedback to the operator allows for sampling to be completed efficiently with full penetration and recovery, and for the equipment to be recovered so the vessel can be moved to the next location. This had huge time savings for the project in terms of vessel time and provides the essential data required for accurate engineering analysis.’

For further information on the FT550 high power variable frequency vibrocorer, click here