Turning ideas into reality – a bespoke new service for inventors and new product developers

By Rob Ferris, MD, Feritech Global

At Feritech, we are launching a brand new facility that will help inventors and new product developers move to the next stage and turn their ideas into reality.

Cornwall and the South West of England have a long history of innovation and the region has a considerable talent for invention.

However, many start up inventors and new product developers struggle to find a way to develop their brilliant ideas and concepts. Many manufacturing companies are likely to be unable or uninterested in working to develop these ideas.  In addition, most ideas are multi-faceted and many require the input of a number of different disciplines to carry them forward. This can make it a convoluted process for developers to work out how they should best progress their projects.

This is where Feritech comes in.

Our brand new £3 million facility will offer a range of services rarely found together under one roof – everything from design, electronics and embedded software to machining, fabrication and 3D printing. So we can help product developers right through the process and help project manage the whole new product development process.

And, unlike many other manufacturers, we are completely happy to produce very small batches or even just a one-off prototype for research and testing.

We have been told that this facility is like a ‘dream come true’ for local inventors and product developers, facilitating those vital first steps and enabling concepts to be turned into viable products.

At Feritech we are ourselves innovators and so we feel an affinity with inventors and product developers. We see it as a privilege to work closely with such creative, ingenious people. Working with us will most likely  feel as though you have your own extended team of experts in your corner.

We are able to help in a number of ways and will always provide a bespoke service, to meet your exact needs.

However, to give you a flavour of the services we provide, here are some examples:

Design. We can help generate engineering drawings (CAD), run FEA analysis, design electrical or electronic solutions. We provide 3D renders for marketing or a bill of materials which can then be used to evaluate how much material and labour may be needed. We can also identify what type of materials you could use and estimate costs for the tooling or set-up costs to produce your product.

Prototype design. We will work closely with you to create high quality functioning prototypes of your idea, using our expertise and comprehensive range of equipment. Whether it is for proof-of concept, product testing or demonstration to potential investors, we draw on our decades of engineering know-how to help you achieve your goals.

New product introduction. We offer a controlled manufacturing environment to debug and fine tune the manufacturing process.  This is a critical step and a low cost solution to mitigate risk early. Our goal during this time is to successfully test out the manufacturing and assembly processes. By fine tuning the process at this stage, we are able to identify and eliminate any bugs, optimising the process.

Manufacturing. After you have completed the RD&I process, Feritech can help you move to full scale production, including production of small batches if required.

We know that new product development is an iterative process and that there is always a need to be agile and adapt where necessary.

We know that progressing your invention to market can be daunting and that there are many hurdles to overcome.

Indeed, it is our own hard-won understanding of the challenges involved in new product development that sets Feritech apart. It means inventors can always trust us to go the extra mile and become true partners, helping them achieve their ambitions.