Advanced electronics from Feritech

Recent developments in electronics are completely transforming the way that projects are engineered. We are seeing a new generation of sensor equipment, wireless monitoring, autonomous systems, new types of control systems, and much more.

Our team is highly experienced in the development of electronics systems to ensure our equipment operates at full effectiveness. We are especially proficient in sensor technology, whether you need a single sensor or a total sensing solution for your project.

For over 10 years, Feritech has been developing ocean tools and subsea sensors for controlling equipment and collecting data within the marine environment. We now offer these sensors and control systems as separate items for use in your own equipment, or we can provide a turnkey bespoke solution for your requirements. Products include multiplexers, lights, cameras, hydraulic control, pressure monitoring, actuation and much more.

And we always think outside the box when it comes to electronics. In the field of geotechnical survey equipment, Feritech was the one of the first companies to integrate sensors in its corers to detect unexploded ordnance on the seabed.

Having designers and electronics specialists working alongside our manufacturing team, all under one roof, means that we can offer you a fully integrated, bespoke solution for your project.

Discuss your electronics requirements with our expert team today.