FT589 Core Splitter

The FT589 is specifically designed for offshore core sampling analysis. The high quality robust design ensures a fast and accurate sample preparation.

The fully automatic unit cuts and liner and slits the core in 1 simple operation.

The core splitter can be integrated into the Feritech offshore laboratory, allowing for a wider range of analysis on-board. The core splitter can be installed with a 20MP high resolution camera, which is placed above the splitter, enabling top quality image logging for each sample.

The FT589 can be used across a wide range of PVC liners; it accepts 60-120mm liners, with samples of up to 1.5m in length. There is a table mount or floor stand available for easier sample handling.

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Product Highlights

  • Accepts 60-120mm liners
  • Manual or electric versions available
  • Accepts samples up to 1.5m in length
  • Compatible with all types of PVC liners
  • Table mount or floor stand available
  • Fitted with 20MP high resolution camera
  • Bolt-on core extruder available

Bespoke Solutions

Using the latest techniques, we can deliver bespoke solutions for your next subsea challenge. We have designed equipment that has been used on seabed frames, sent downhole, attached to buoys and masts, or towed behind vessels.

Whether the solution requires electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic or simulation techniques, Feritech have the experience and skills to take on any project in the marine industry (or indeed, onshore).

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