Feritech operates across the world’s most challenging engineering sectors

At Feritech Global, we bring expertise and innovation to organisations working across a diverse range of market sectors, often operating in harsh environments. We provide services for marine engineering sectors  including the military and defence, the oil and gas industry and offshore renewables.

We have also geared up to meet the demands of new and fast growing sectors, such as floating offshore wind (FLOW), autonomous vehicles, aerospace, telecoms and space. With in-house expertise in innovation, design, electronics, software, hydraulics and environmental tech,  we serve both established sectors and the exciting new advanced industries that will shape the future.

We understand that the individual demands of every business are unique. However, across all our market sectors, quality, reliability and safety are paramount.

Whether it is surveying in oil fields off the African coast, assisting with offshore wind turbine installation in European waters, helping to guide dredging operations in South America, or working on complex ocean floor cabling in Australia, our equipment and skilled teams can be mobilised anywhere in the world to meet a tough engineering challenge.

You can read about some of our recent projects in our News section.

Take a look at the sectors we support, or get in touch with the team to discuss your project and the challenges your business is facing. Discover how Feritech can make complex operations seem simple and turn around projects faster than you ever thought was possible.

Bespoke Solutions

Using the latest techniques, we can deliver bespoke solutions for your next subsea challenge. We have designed equipment that has been used on seabed frames, sent downhole, attached to buoys and masts, or towed behind vessels.

Whether the solution requires electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic or simulation techniques, Feritech have the experience and skills to take on any project in the marine industry (or indeed, onshore).

Please contact us to discuss your ideas and to find out more.