FT210 MK3 Side Scan Sonar UBSL Beacon Mount

This USBL beacon holder securly attaches to either an Edgetech 4200 or Edgetech 4205 towfish.

It will take most USBL beacons but was specifically designed to take the cNODE MiniS mounted in a beacon buddy.

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Product Highlights

  • Works with Edgetech side scan sonar
  • Securely holds USBL beacon
  • Works with Edgetech 4200 and Edgetech 4205 towfish

Submarine Cable Signature

This system measures the electrical and magnetic signatures of submarine cables.



As well as measuring the magnetic and eletrical signature of the cable the system can also be used to locate a cable and estimate burial depth.

Piston Corer, LARS And A Frame

Deployment options

There are lots of options for the deployment of this system, the normal way is to use the itegrated sled, it can also be used on a seabed frame.